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The Accropolis

I admit, I was too lazy to go all the way up....This shot was good enough for me! I preferred to spend more time in the streets of Athens...walking, eating!

Example of a lazy dog in Corfu!



Corfu is a beautiful island in the northwest of Greece - Like any other mediterranean seaside town it has beautiful beaches and everything, but it's also got lots of curvey roads. The roads were really curvey and reminded me of Chaloos. Motorbikes! Totally wanted to do it, but I had to give it up since non of the girls wanted to drive on the right side of the road (Well they're Irish! what can I say?!). So we rented a car and drove all around the island...it was funny, cause we got lost so many times, and all these greek oldies were sitting outside their house drinking frappe, playing backgamon and watching us, thinking why these idiot girls are going through a narrow dead-end?!
one other thing I noticed in Corfu, was the lazy dogs that were laying around all over the city...just like cats in Tehran! I say this is not the place for shaghayegh to visit!


محاورات تجريشي

الان از تجريش اومدم. اگر يک جايي تو تهران باشه که من بخاطرش شوق و ذوق اومدن اين همه راه رو داشته باشم تجريشه. اصلا حال و هواي تجريش با همه شلوغيش منو سرحال مياره... هنوز هم همونجوريه که ده سال پيش بود با همون آدمها و ميوه فروشها و دل و جگري و بلالي و باقالي فروشهاش. فقط چيزي که خيلي فرق کرده لباس پوشيدن آدمهاست. ديگه خدا رو شکر همه خانومها با کيفهاي گوچي و ديور و فندي قلابيشون تو تجريش جولون ميدند و مارکهاي تقلبيشون رو به رخ هم ميکشند...منم که عشقم اينه که تو تجريش بچرم و به حرفهاي مردم گوش بدم. اين بار دو تا خانوم با آب و تاب تموم داشتند راجع به قيامت حرف ميزدن و يکيشون داشت به جديت تموم به اون يکي ثابت ميکرد که ديگه دوره آخر زمون شده و نشونشم اين طوفانهاي سالهاي اخير در همه جاي دنياست ...بعدم داشت ميگفت که چند تا کشور ديگه به زودي ميرند زير آب و اوليشم انگليسه و بقيه اش هم يادش نبود و گفت که بايد از ملاي مسجدشون بپرسه! يک کمي اونطرفتر يک پسري داشت دور و بر يک تلفن عمومي ميچرخيد و هي سرش اين طرف و اون طرف دنبال يک چيزي ميچرخيد...بعد ديدم که کم کم داره مياد طرف من و يک چيزي زير لب تند تند زمزمه ميکنه . اول فکر کردم داره قربون صدقه سبک تجريشي ميره و محلش نگذاشتم...بعد ديدم که مثل اينکه داره يک سوالي ميکنه و ميگه خانوم ميايي پشت تلفن؟ بازهم نفهميدم که چي ميگه و محلش نگذاشتم و راهمو کشيدم رفتم...يک کمي دور که شدم فهميدم که بيچاره ميخواسته به دوست دخترش زنگ بزنه ولي ميخواسته که من براش زنگ بزنم که صداي يک دختر پشت تلفن باشه اگه کس ديگه اي جواب داد...طفلکي! اگه فهميده بودم چي ميخواست کمکش ميکردم...س


Emirates Adventures!

Ok, I have to admit - Emirates is by far the best airline I've ever flown with - but of course, although I had lots of legroom and a super comfy seat, I still managed to splash my big juicy tomato all over the window, drop my salad bowl to the floor, spill my lovely glass of Bloody Mary all over myself and the seat, and baffle the guy sitting next to me with my holding abilities! But with all this I still had the best flying experience ever! I had so much fun I didn't want to waste my time by sleeping...I had a choice of 100 movies, shows, video clips and even video games! And of course my Korean neighbor was all over the video games the entire time...at some point he got so into it I thought he was going to kick me out of the window! and a few more interesting things I observed: - Flight attendants were from all nationalities, except for UAE! So for all arabic announcements they had to play this pre-recorded audio since nobody spoke arabic on the plane! - There were stars on the ceiling of the plane, so when the lights were turned off it felt like you are in a desert watching the stars - 3/4 of the passengers were asian, which I thought was weird cause they were flying from Greece to UAE...GLOBALIZATION is all I can think of! - Persian Gulf was called "The Gulf" on all their display screens showing progress of the flight - hmmm...I guess that's all I could absorb in four hours!!