Need a ride?

My latest update: Working in Vancouver now!!Got a project at BestBuy Canada and super excited about it...although.... I'm kinda back to my homeless/hotel days and eat out nights... but it's fun...oh here is the funny thing! They don't like Dell laptops at BestBuy so anyone who has a Dell laptop has to get an HP or Toshiba, etc...!! I guess this is their way of killing competition! lol Anyways, I'll be driving to Seattle pretty much every weekend. So if anyone needs a ride from Vancouver to Seattle call 1-800-Sanaz-Travel! and book it in advance!



I guess I did one more thing besides shopping...I had frog legs...yummy

I don't need any more bags!

Two weeks ago I had my annual accenture training in Chicago and I thought it would be perfect to plan it with the Irish gang and also catch up with them....well, the weekend didn't turn out quite like what I expected...I was thinking site seeing, museums, good food, rush street bars, etc - And of course my weekend turned to be shop, shop, shop! I should have known this would happen with the Irish gals, but the problem now is that I have 3 more bags that I don't really need...