Simply Joys of life – Slippers

I recommend that next time you stay in a hotel, you ask for a pair of slippers. They always have them, but never leave them in the room for you. However, if you ask for slippers, they’ll bring them up to you with a big smile on their face thinking “how do you know about our slippers? And how dare you reduce our margin by 50 cents! But here you go and please let us know if you need anything else, just stop asking for slippers! ” – but I love these little comfy things so much that I have started collecting them from all over. This year, I had three birthdays, one with Nasrin in Tehran (my mom and I are born on the same day!), one with Sanaz J in London, and one with friends in Seattle. So I pretty much blew candles all the way back to Seattle which was loads of fun – made 28 super special – Sanaz and I got to see each other after a year for one day and pretty much talked the entire time! Surprisingly we both realized that we are not 18 anymore when after walking in the streets of London for a few hours we decided to go back to our comfy slippers in the hotel and continue the conversation rather than hitting a night club in London till 5 am as we used to! The funny thing is that we didn’t even have to brainstorm. It was obvious, “slippers” or “dance floor”??? Slippers, it is!


Blogger Shaghayegh said...

I sure will ask for them next time! Thanks for the tip honey! I had no idea!
And by the way, I would have picked slippers also!

30/8/07 23:48  

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