Capital City

How come no one ever told me about Ottawa?! I think Ottawa is one of the prettiest cities I’ve seen (well, I can only speak for downtown Ottawa) - I can easily compare it to New York or Edinburgh…now you can laugh at me or agree with me, but that’s how I feel! I got in late last night and had to sit in all day meetings and a usual steak-dinner for hours, and finally got some time to myself to walk around and explore the city around 11 pm…which was kind of late, but still had to do it. Every time I visit a new city I get excited like a little kid that sees a new purple candy for the first time! I just love walking around - without a map - getting lost and finding my way back. And Ottawa gave me that great satisfying feeling that I was not expecting. Oh, and one interesting thing that I noticed is that there are about 5 Irish pubs and shops on each block. What’s up with that? I don’t think I’ve seen this many Irish pubs except for in Ireland…well, I guess that’s one other reason I really like this city! Now I just have to make sure I squeeze myself in tootoo’s next trip home so that I get some more of this beautiful city.


Blogger Shaghayegh said...

manam bebarin!

30/8/07 23:49  
Blogger RezaFarzin said...

I told you about Ottawa, but really, just try it once in the Jan or Feb. You would never go back again.

4/9/07 11:59  

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