lost Shabi!

The other day Shabi and I went to the "bite of Seattle" some kind of a summer festival, which is lots of bokhorbokhor and music....We had two glasses of beer, and the next thing you know I had to pick up Shabi from the Lost Kids Booth!!!


Rich Dad! Poor Dad!

I'm reading this book now that has really got me to think. I'm just going to write down a paragraph from the book and leave the rest for you to read and rethink your ideas about education and money :0) "Today, the most dangerous advice you can give a child is 'Go to school, get good grades and look for a safe secure job.' That is old advice, and it's bad advice. If you could see what is happening in Asia, Europe, South America, you would be very concerned about your advice. It is foolish to assume that the education the school system provides will prepare your children for the world they will face upon graduation. " Schools don't teach students about money or finance, and the new world revolves around money and is very tricky compared to the old days! In the old days people could become rich and have a nice life if they only went to college, got good grades and got a good job afterwards. BUT these are the old rules, and they don't work in the new world! We have to be extremely careful about the advice we give to our children!


Tapas! Yummmmmmmm

Back in Seattle!

I'm finally back and very excited! It's amazing how much I missed Seattle and my life here. I really enjoyed my life in Dublin and absolutely love Irish people, but it's good to be back. So hard to be back at work tho...I have been travelling for the past 2 weeks and saw some some more of europe but now I'm all lazy... I want to go home although it's only 1 pm!! Hopefully I'll be more productive at work on Monday :)

World Cup and Spain!

I always thought Iranians can party like no other! But I was sooo surprised to see that madrid partied all night long after they lost to France. I wonder what would they do if they actually won the game!