Things that I'll miss!

The other day I was thinking what I'll really miss in Ireland when I leave in couple weeks, and here is my list so far: 1. Taxi drivers. I've had the best chats with random taxi drivers who are incredibaly fun and easy to talk to (about anything! trust me. You should come to Ireland just for the sake of a chat with a taxi driver!) 2. Hearing the "F" word at work! People use it as easy as they use the word "what's up". Actually one of my colleagues here got a bad review from his boss in US for using this word. His boss apparently had no idea about the Irish language! 3. People asking each other about their next weekend plans first thing Monday morning! 4. Charm of the Irish men!

Hen Weekend!

So Barbara my friend has been telling me for the past few weeks to go to Wexford (south of Ireland) with her for the "Hen Weekend"! At first I thought I am going to a place that has lots of hens and chickens! Then I thought it's probably a national day or something....Couple days later I heard her talking about only girls going to Wexford, so I figured it's just a girls away weekend and therefore it's called "Hen Weekend". haha.... but just yesterday she told me that the bride is looking for a lace for the "Hen Weekend". That's when I realized that "Hen Weekend" means "Bachelorette Party Weekend"! Isn't that funny?


Irish wearing American flag for Bon Jovi!


The missing word!


مانتو فروش و مامان ساناز

يک روز مامان ساناز ميره بيرون که يک مانتو بخره ولي هرچي نگاه ميکنه ميبينه که اين مانتوها همه خيلي کوتاه هستن و هيچ جوري قابل پوشيدن نيستن
مامان ساناز: خانوم شما مانتو بلندتر از اين ندارين
فروشنده: نه خانوم. هرچي داريم هميناست
مامان ساناز: آخه اينا خيلي کوتاهن! آدم رو ميگيرن ميبرن دعوا ميکنن
فروشنده: ... ميخورن


The most romantic place on earth! OR NOT

So, I know this person who is very snobby and her everything has to be the absolute perfect! And ofcourse to have the full package her boyfriend had to propse to her on top of the Eiffel Tower! Ok, so like anyone else when I heard that...I thought aaahhh so sweet and romantic! hahahahah....but when I went to Paris a while ago and went to the top of the tower, I realized what an absolute nightmare it was!!! first of all a huge line to get on the elevator and then 200 annoying screaming school kids running around on top of the tower and another 200 people with their cameras trying to find a spot where no one else would be included in their personal picture! haha...that's when I realized! wow Eiffel is definitely the most romantic place you can get proposed to! I should keep that in mind :)

Good Friday!

Oh, forgot to tell you about this. The Friday before Easter is called "Good Friday" in Ireland, and you have to be a saint on this day! No sins, No drinking, No picking your nose! lol! The rules are soooo strict that you can't have drinks in restaurants. And all bars are closed everywhere in Ireland on this day. You can't even purchase alcohol in supermarkets and they have big, thick, black covers over all the alcohol sections of the store, just to make sure you don't commit a sin by looking at the exotic bottles! I think this day is the hardest day on the Irish people...hehe, the funny thing though is that once the day is over at 12:01 am all bars open up to celebrate their patience for not drinking for a WHOLE day!



I was in Iran last week, and I saw these posters hanging in Tajrish when I went for my regular "del o jigar" run to Tajrish. I thought it's funny how Mohammad Reza Golzar has to compete with holy people to sell his posters!