Edinburgh, Scotland

If you can imagine a street with a hill in the middle and a castle on top of it, that's Edinburgh! It was so cute I thought I'm in the "shahreh asbaab baazi haa". Reminded me of Pinocchio and how he changed into a donkey because he had so much fun...the whole time I was worried I'll change into a donkey...thank god I'm still a human! well, almost... other than my eating habits which were heavily affected by my dear friend who simply is the pickiest thing on earth! I'm talking about Sanaz J - she is amazing when it comes to food, she basically drags you around the city for 3 hours to give you a sandwich and then ends up in a supermarket with a peice of bread and a big smile on her face and crumbs all over her shirt! That's when she reminds you why you love her so much, and why you can handle eating in the same restaurant for 3 days (because that's the only restaurants that passes the criteria in the whole city)...


History 101

Over the centuries, Great Britain has evolved politically from several independent countries (England, Scotland, and Wales) through two kingdoms with a shared monarch (England and Scotland), a single all-island Kingdom of Great Britain, to the situation following 1801, in which Great Britain together with the island of Ireland constituted the larger United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (UK). The UK became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the 1920s following the independence of five-sixths of Ireland as the Republic of Ireland.


Celebrating Easter for the first time!



Real Gucci bags in Milan!

Ok, so if any of your friends goes to Italy and comes back with lots of "gher o fer" and a posh Gucci bag or maybe five bags!! this is where they're coming from....hehe, I am mean, but it's true. After all they're buying the Gucci bag from Milan and they are real!!!


I visited Goli in Gernoble a while back... I think it's the cutest city I've seen so far. It's funny how she's picked the "Shemshak" of France to live in! Well I guess this picture doesn't quite look like Shemshak. But the mountains did...trust me!