Utmost Frustration!

It is with utmost disappointment that I'm writing this letter to travelocity. It is even more disappointing since I've been a loyal travelocity customer and a VIP member for a while. I have reiterated this story to so many travelocity customer care agents so many times that it makes me very annoyed to have to write it down one more time. But I have to and I'm hoping that someone will take charge and accountability for this matter as I've been bounced around so many times that I'm getting to ultimate frustration with your customer care agents. To start with my trip ID is 6813 0578 7190 I booked my ticket from Seattle to San Francisco for June 27-Jul 6 originally and I paid $206 for a Virgin America flight. A week before my flight I decided to make changes to the time of my flight and I called travelocity. They told me that it will be a $140 charge difference and I agreed and provided my credit card information. I was put on hold for half an hour so that travelocity agent could confirm the change with the airline, after half an hour they told me that the change is confirmed and I'm good to go. 24 hours later I got an email from travelocity saying that my ticket was not confirmed by the airline, so I called back and after a 2 hour conversation they told me that the ticket prices have gone up and now I have to pay even more to make the change to my ticket. I asked travelocity to not make any changes and just give me my original ticket back and to my surprise they mentioned that my original ticket was canceled!!! I do not understand why you would cancel a ticket before being able to confirm a new ticket for your customers!!! This is not acceptable! So after staying on the phone for a couple of hours they went ahead and made the change and confirmed it with the airline again and ASSURED me that this time it will go through and everything is all taken care of. I agreed that my credit card will be charged for the fair difference. A day later I get another email saying that my ticket was not confirmed by the airline, so I call travelocity again and this time they tell me that there is some problems with the credit card, so I provide all the details one more time and they tell me that the ticket is good to go and again they put me on hold to confirm with the airline. I was ASSURED that the ticket was confirmed and everything is good to go. My flight is the next day and I arrive at the airport at 6 am since my flight is at 7:15 am. Virgin America searches for my ticket for half an hour and after not being able to find my ticket I call travelocity to get my airline confirmation code. They pulled up my reservation and right there it said " CANCELED"!!!! The airline informed me that travelocity had canceled my ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked travelocity why they would cancel my ticket and not let me know and they said, sorry we didn't even know until just now!!! So I'm at the airport and it's 6:45 am and I HAVE to get on that flight. My only option was to purchase a ticket right there at the airport and I ended up paying $224 for a one way ticket to San Francisco. After arriving in San Francisco I call travelocity and ask to speak with a supervisor who was not really able to help me except to offer me to re-issue my ticket for the return. I told them that I DO NOT TRUST THEM anymore, and even if they tell me that they re-issued my ticket and it's all confirmed and good to go that I actually will have a ticket when I get to the airport. So I asked them to just cancel my ticket and not bother!!! So now, not only I paid $206 for my original ticket + I had to pay $224 for my flight to San Francisco, but I also have to purchase a separate ticket to fly back to Seattle. This is not acceptable and I hope someone in travelocity will take responsibility and accountability for this matter and will reimburse me for all the damage they've caused me! I hope you make all the effort to compensate your VIP customer for what I have gone through as per your own statement: At Travelocity... ...our commitment to you is that everything about your booking will be right, or we'll work with our partners to make it right , right away.


Craig's List

I'm doing it! Finally decided to sell my painting on Craigs list....let's see how it goes! Mami is so funny, she says "ki be kieh begzaresh $3000"...hahah! Yeah, I'm not sure if that'll work! But I gave it a shut starting at $300...Let's see what happens - I'll keep you posted


Shabi's Stories



I miss writing! But I've been very good, busy, happy! I have to organize my thoughts before I can write anything...but will come back soon cause I really need to write... btw, have you seen this? Iran's Ostans



I love Drew! He's my boss and he's the best thing that has happened to me at work... He took this picture last night when we were drinking mojitos and chatting about men :) I thought I'll share this cute picture with you!



According to Rattatouille: "Not anyone can be a great artist, but a great artist can be anyone!"


I hate spam!

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What's up with all this spam in my blog???? They are all over the comments I get. I guess there are keywords that trigger these spams to show on my blog! I wonder what those keywords really are...I guess I can't really blame the system as I chose to use this tool and so I have to be ok with getting spams as a part of it. But one thing I still have serious issues with is people I know spamming me! I still can't figure out why some people are so stupid to forward emails such as "spread the luck to 20 people to stay lucky", "Bill Gates sharing his fortune, so forward this email to get a piece of his fortune", "Don't buy Lancome products they will kill you", "forward this email to 10 people or you'll be miserable for the rest of your life!" etc, etc. What are these people really thinking??? Don't they see how they are being fooled? ... astaghforallah


Simply Joys of life – Slippers

I recommend that next time you stay in a hotel, you ask for a pair of slippers. They always have them, but never leave them in the room for you. However, if you ask for slippers, they’ll bring them up to you with a big smile on their face thinking “how do you know about our slippers? And how dare you reduce our margin by 50 cents! But here you go and please let us know if you need anything else, just stop asking for slippers! ” – but I love these little comfy things so much that I have started collecting them from all over. This year, I had three birthdays, one with Nasrin in Tehran (my mom and I are born on the same day!), one with Sanaz J in London, and one with friends in Seattle. So I pretty much blew candles all the way back to Seattle which was loads of fun – made 28 super special – Sanaz and I got to see each other after a year for one day and pretty much talked the entire time! Surprisingly we both realized that we are not 18 anymore when after walking in the streets of London for a few hours we decided to go back to our comfy slippers in the hotel and continue the conversation rather than hitting a night club in London till 5 am as we used to! The funny thing is that we didn’t even have to brainstorm. It was obvious, “slippers” or “dance floor”??? Slippers, it is!


I feel like I have many different lives and sometimes I forget which life I’m living in – I have different moods and sometimes I get lost in my own moods, and can’t figure out if I’m happy, sad or mad! I do go up and down like everyone else, but I choose not to write during down times – I think everyone has got their own pile of issues to deal with that reading Sanaz’s complaints is not the most exciting thing in the world. But I have to break my rule this time. Right now I am mad and I want to write because it’s killing me! I’m on the plane back to Seattle and it is Friday, so I basically lost my Friday night because of work! There is this big fat woman snoozing on my left, and is taking half of my space! The guy in front of me has pushed his seat all the way back and jammed up my knees. My toes are also curled up because I had to put my stuff under the seat in front of me since there was no more room left on the plane! The worst is this guy to my right with his horrible stinky breath L Every time he takes a deep breath mikham bekooboonam too saresh! Ok, I’m done! No more complaining about life!! Haha – I admit this is not the downest of my down times, but I’m very grumpy!! Oh, and one more thing I just remembered, before I left on Tuesday I saw these little flying ants around one of my windows so I bet they are all over my place now enjoying a little get together during my absence! Ugh! Life is difficult!


Capital City

How come no one ever told me about Ottawa?! I think Ottawa is one of the prettiest cities I’ve seen (well, I can only speak for downtown Ottawa) - I can easily compare it to New York or Edinburgh…now you can laugh at me or agree with me, but that’s how I feel! I got in late last night and had to sit in all day meetings and a usual steak-dinner for hours, and finally got some time to myself to walk around and explore the city around 11 pm…which was kind of late, but still had to do it. Every time I visit a new city I get excited like a little kid that sees a new purple candy for the first time! I just love walking around - without a map - getting lost and finding my way back. And Ottawa gave me that great satisfying feeling that I was not expecting. Oh, and one interesting thing that I noticed is that there are about 5 Irish pubs and shops on each block. What’s up with that? I don’t think I’ve seen this many Irish pubs except for in Ireland…well, I guess that’s one other reason I really like this city! Now I just have to make sure I squeeze myself in tootoo’s next trip home so that I get some more of this beautiful city.

Montreal Jazz Festival


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